Saturday, August 13, 2011

Riding with the Beloved

A busy day today, going from place to place, yet peaceful & happy all day long.
In the mid morning I was at a Quilt Guild meeting, at home amidst the creative energy of my tribe, listening to the presenter & revelling in the quilts being shown.
Gradually, I became aware of my left arm resting against my left breast. The casual, intimate contact that both parties feel when you drape your hand over the knee of your beloved on a long drive.
Comforting and nurturing, presaged by months, years, or decades of every kind of knowing of each other there can be. So sweet.
Usually virtually unnoticed.

All day long I would remember that my beloved was here & soon to be deployed, if you will...And I would find a way to cross my legs and arms in conversation, touching the side of my breast, or sweeping across its expanse as I made a point.

I love you, love you, love you, angel.

This is all grace. Every bit of this.

I am going to bed now...Teddy bear & left arm & kitty who sleeps on my left side...
An abundance of sensation that nourishes.


mrs mediocrity said...

oh my. tears to my eyes.
"This is all grace." Words to live by.

d smith kaich jones said...

oh god, you are falling into these words with grace.

"this is all grace". tears to my eyes also.

you are amazing.

d smith kaich jones said...

i am still here. this telling of love. i have a meditation i do when things are bad, when my belly hurts, when my back stays sore, when old age feels imminent and awful - i sit with myself and i thank all my pieces and parts. i am grateful for this belly that bears the brunt of my anxiety . . . thank you belly for being there for me; i am grateful for this hand that aches right there at the wrist, thank you wrist, thank you hand, for the words you type, for the pictures you paint, for the work you do with so little complaint . . . "

i am adding love to the thank yous.
thank you for the reminder.