Friday, August 26, 2011

Quantum molasses

The meeting with medical oncology was just fine yesterday.
I realized about half way through, that I had, unconsciously been braced for resistance from the doctor.
But, no. I explained myself, he explained things from his perspective and then said "Well, I don't think I really have anything to offer you."
The inner smile that lights a thousand lamps was mine.
And then he made an appointment to see me in four weeks, "We'll meet again after your surgery, just in case you've changed your mind."

Everything is beginning to move now with much more focus.
I have the meeting with the plastic surgeon next week; 6 days after that I go in to sign all the release & permission to treat papers...
Which tells me that it is probable that three weeks from now I will be in a new configuration of my body.

I am weary, weary.
I began to tell clients today. Everyone will know soon when I call to rearrange the famous H.C. (Holy Calendar). It will be interesting to see how everyone receives and responds to this.

I am anticipating putting myself to bed like a third grader tonight~~if I see 9 p.m. with open eyes I will be surprised.

Let sleep nourish me, and dreams inform me.
I walk into that ocean with arms opened wide.
Embracing and welcoming the Mystery, morning is just moments~ and light years~ away.


d smith kaich jones said...

I hope you are already nestled into your bed as I write this. And all I have to say is I am here, I love you.

Jean J. said...

Oh, I am so glad it went well Skye. (And I was blathering away at your tired self last night.) Hope the new day(s) will caress and comfort you. A big hug to you (-:

mrs mediocrity said...

Stretching out a hand for you to hold... hoping it was a night of gently rocking dreams.