Sunday, January 29, 2012

Strike four??

My poor sweet computer, which I have recently named Lazarus, because it keeps going to black screen ("no server can be located") & comes back after a hard shut down & a few hours of rest, has been quite cranky today...

Earlier this afternoon it went into a coma just as I was about to finish a long, chatty post, catching you up on the first one twefth of my year.
Then, just a few minutes ago, on three attempts to post, it highlighted & deleted what I had written...
And, yes, my tech innocence knows no bounds, but I swear I didn't touch anything to make that happen! ':-/

So, sadly, I am on blog-post-burnout.
I do want to let you know, in fortune cookie format (brief & hopeful) that all is well with me.
On Monday I signed all my presurgical papers, chose a saline implant (which has a less natural look, but less safety requirements to stay abreast of. So to speak.) & will be having surgery early in the morning on Wednesday the 8th.

Oh, lawzy, mama! My computer keeps changing the blue "Save now/ Preview" buttons on my blogspot menu board to black & back to blue, so I am going to make a mad dash for the "Publish Post" button before the wormhole closes.
(Have you noticed how I love the sweet/savory flavor of mixed metaphors? Yummy!)

I shall return with news post surgery, if not before.

Mazel tov, y'all!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Hello, sweet humans!!
I haven't dropped in because I have really had no news on the "topic at hand" as it were, though surgery is now set for Feb. 8, 2012.

The main things that are happening are fairly interior.
As most of you know I am a...shall we say "regular appearance" on certain social networking sites.
And I have, for years, posted a lot every day. Articles on environment, politics, nutrition, healing, and cool little inspirational blips throughout the day.
As I am very clear about my leanings on topics & ready to dialogue, over the years it has created some challenges. But I have always chosen to keep some skin in the game, as it were, because I personally feel that it is imperative to our personal & national survival to begin reinstituting the ability to have challenging dialodue without descending into what is basically a reality TV approach to conversation.
Which is not. Conversation.

It is been good, I think, at least for me.
But it is a constant realization that most people are so deeply invested in being acknowledged as "right" that it makes what would be just a challenging & interesting conversation, a big ol' drama fest.
Which, quite honestly is not only tedious, it is boring.

At the squeaky tail end of 2012 I had two experiences which have been the ribbon on the package for me.
In one "conversation" I had an absolute stranger flame me (name calling, assumptions~~on the lowest order~~of who I must be & what I must believe) because I didn't agree with their potential candidate of choice.
And the other was a protracted conversation (and I use that term loosely) that became a diatribe by a very intelligent person, who really & truly is committed to spiritual growth, over food choices.
Where the bottom line, which was given in great detail over 8 successive postings in fast order, was that eating animal protein was~yes~actually as bad for a body as heroin addiction.
*sigh redux*

Even though over the years I have been able to help a lot of people, by directing them to health care choices & practicioners in their area that helped them reduce chronic pain, find & resolve nutritional allergy/ toxicity issues, & to give people hope when they think they're just screwed because the medical community writes them off, and I am SO GRATEFUL to be able to help people in that way...
It seems to me that that is (perhaps? I really don't know...) the smaller part of what happens for a whooooole lot of hours online.

So. In this year of transformation, 2012, I am backing off.
I have a few intentions for my own life, which include my own bodily health (Eureka!) & enjoyment, such as beginning some physical activity on a regular basis, more (Yes. More, for those of you who know me!) traditional cooking, canning, & fermenting of foods.(if you just cocked your head in puzzlement, please check out the book Wild Fermentation as a start point. ---> SO good for a body on all levels!)
I am going to be quilting at least 30 minutes a day. Which hopefully will result in a slight visible shrinking of my stash closet...but very possibly it will be like taking away a teaspoon of sand from the beach...
And, starting tomorrow, I am beginning to learn to embroider, on a year-long weekly embroidery adventure online (yes...on FaceBook) called TAST 2012 (Take a Stitch Tuesday)
I've wanted to embroider since I was 16. I am 53. If not now, when?? ';-)

So. More sweet, expansive life por moi, and everyone's evolution/ deevolution regarding conscious conversation can happen as it will.

And now, I am off to work on this amazingly intricate quilt that I am turtle-ing along on.
Life is good!

May this year give you the opportunities, also, to let go of seasons that are completed for you, and to bring into fruition that which brings you peace & joy.

Prost!! *clinking of glasses*