Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

Well, things are progressing apace.
I went in for the last fill in my expander on Monday. I am now at 760 cc's & (yay!) getting pretty close to my own natural size, but not *quite*.
Yet this is all they can fill. The biggest implant made without going into specialty sizes is 800cc's. That will still be smaller than I am now, but I am opting for no reduction, just a lift, when we do the surgery.
I am planning on becoming more active (no comments from the peanut gallery!) in 2012, so my hope is that as I lose a little weight, I will become the size of the implant.

No dates for surgery yet, as they have to "ask prmission" from insurance to *complete* this surgical experience.
Which leads to a similar cry unto the heavans...
Three years ago diagnostic work showed that my big ol' knee pain was because I am bone-on-bone in both knees. I do fine with lots of bodywork & a steroid shot every 7 months.
I asked my plastic surgeon what the best timing for a shot would be, as Prednisone changes physiology pretty profoundly in regards to surgery, and I am about ready for another one.
He said a few weeks beforehand would be safest. Which puts me at: right now.
No problem, I thought, in my extreme innocence, & called the orthopoedist's office, only to be informed that my "referral perscription" had run out & I needed a new one from my primary M.D.
Except she doesn't have an opening until March!
I have explained, three times now, to different secretaries & nurses, that this is a permanent situation. Why do I have to come stand in front of her to get the scrip? Can't we do this over the phone, so I can be knee-pain-free for my surgery???

The wheels of beurocracy grind exceedingly slowly, so no answer yet.
Bah. Bah! Bah!!
(by which I do NOT mean Black sheep, have you any wool!)

So, onward through the fog, as we used to say half a lifetime ago.
I am readying for Christmas.
Christmas Feast has been my tradition for decades. I never precook, but get up at 6 a.m., put on the coffee & start preparing a huge appetizer buffet, a grand meal, then after presents, we have the dessert buffet.
After much laughter & stories, everyone leaves at midnight & I, in my stocking cap of bliss, clean up before bed.

Earlier this year my youngest niece asked if I would be hurt if I were to pass the torch to her for Feast.
No, not at all. She has two young daughters and I think for them to grow up with their mom doing Feast is appropriate & wonderful.
We got together last month to go over her menu (she is making me swell with pride with her menu!), shopping list & preparation schedule. I will be bringing one side dish (*grasping heart* Look out, Elizabeth! This is the Big One!!) & coming mid-day to be her sous chef.

I am so happy & proud.
I love doing Feast...
So, though Thanksgiving has traditionally not been that big of a deal for me, I told her sister that I may have to start doing a Thanksgiving Feast.
I am thinking of a main meat of ham. Studded with cloves and garlic. With a bourbon-orange juice reduction glaze...
Served on a cloud bed of fluffy buttermilk-chipotle-garlic mashed potatoes...

Whaddaya think???