Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

Well, things are progressing apace.
I went in for the last fill in my expander on Monday. I am now at 760 cc's & (yay!) getting pretty close to my own natural size, but not *quite*.
Yet this is all they can fill. The biggest implant made without going into specialty sizes is 800cc's. That will still be smaller than I am now, but I am opting for no reduction, just a lift, when we do the surgery.
I am planning on becoming more active (no comments from the peanut gallery!) in 2012, so my hope is that as I lose a little weight, I will become the size of the implant.

No dates for surgery yet, as they have to "ask prmission" from insurance to *complete* this surgical experience.
Which leads to a similar cry unto the heavans...
Three years ago diagnostic work showed that my big ol' knee pain was because I am bone-on-bone in both knees. I do fine with lots of bodywork & a steroid shot every 7 months.
I asked my plastic surgeon what the best timing for a shot would be, as Prednisone changes physiology pretty profoundly in regards to surgery, and I am about ready for another one.
He said a few weeks beforehand would be safest. Which puts me at: right now.
No problem, I thought, in my extreme innocence, & called the orthopoedist's office, only to be informed that my "referral perscription" had run out & I needed a new one from my primary M.D.
Except she doesn't have an opening until March!
I have explained, three times now, to different secretaries & nurses, that this is a permanent situation. Why do I have to come stand in front of her to get the scrip? Can't we do this over the phone, so I can be knee-pain-free for my surgery???

The wheels of beurocracy grind exceedingly slowly, so no answer yet.
Bah. Bah! Bah!!
(by which I do NOT mean Black sheep, have you any wool!)

So, onward through the fog, as we used to say half a lifetime ago.
I am readying for Christmas.
Christmas Feast has been my tradition for decades. I never precook, but get up at 6 a.m., put on the coffee & start preparing a huge appetizer buffet, a grand meal, then after presents, we have the dessert buffet.
After much laughter & stories, everyone leaves at midnight & I, in my stocking cap of bliss, clean up before bed.

Earlier this year my youngest niece asked if I would be hurt if I were to pass the torch to her for Feast.
No, not at all. She has two young daughters and I think for them to grow up with their mom doing Feast is appropriate & wonderful.
We got together last month to go over her menu (she is making me swell with pride with her menu!), shopping list & preparation schedule. I will be bringing one side dish (*grasping heart* Look out, Elizabeth! This is the Big One!!) & coming mid-day to be her sous chef.

I am so happy & proud.
I love doing Feast...
So, though Thanksgiving has traditionally not been that big of a deal for me, I told her sister that I may have to start doing a Thanksgiving Feast.
I am thinking of a main meat of ham. Studded with cloves and garlic. With a bourbon-orange juice reduction glaze...
Served on a cloud bed of fluffy buttermilk-chipotle-garlic mashed potatoes...

Whaddaya think???


d smith kaich jones said...

whenever we get together we can talk doctors - lol! and the craziness they put you through. :)

the passing of the torch. how fun for the young ones to see their mama at the feast, knowing she will hand it to them one of these days. what memories will be made. you are a good aunt.


Jeff Still said...

Who wouldn't love a cloud bed of fluffy buttermilk-chipotle-garlic mashed potatoes?

mrs mediocrity said...

Sounds delicious. Your feast sounds wonderful, and I bet your niece will be honored to pick up the torch.

I hope by now you have been able to resolve the knee-shot situation. It is such a crazy stupid system.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with love and light and smiles.