Saturday, October 1, 2011

What to do?? Answer: D : None of the Above

You've had your yin, ladies and gentlemen, and I have got your yang, fresh out of the oven, right here.
Step right up!!!

The last two days I have been feeling so good that I thought it was time to get some work done on a quilt I've had in mind. I had cut all 700 strips of fabric before I went in for surgery, so I wouldn't have to stress my arm in any way...
The day before yesterday I sewed for two hours or more, and felt fine.
Yesterday I did the same, but toward the end I began to notice that my left pec (chest muscle) was really starting to ache in a sharp way. I began to notice that everything I was doing was left sided: reach for a block, lift the presser foot & put it down, sew, lift the presser foot & put it down, put that block on a stack to the left; get a new block...from the left.
So, I stopped immediately, took two Alleve & went to bed early.

I woke this morning with swelling so profound that, in clothes, I look totally even side to side.
Admittedly, they put 400 cc's of fluid fill in my expander during surgery, but that is *ahem* nowhere near my natural size.
And the pain had increased.

I talked to the doctor on call for the weekend and, through my tears, told him what I was seeing & feeling, sure that I had unwittingly created some major damage to my healing.
He said that 95% of women do this same thing; that at day 10-12 we are feeling so much better that we begin resuming normal daily activities before the tissues are anywhere near ready for that.
He had me do some circulation tests to make sure that the swelling isn't endangering the sutures, and, thankfully, all is well in circulation-sutureland.

He did tell me to get back on my pain meds for a few days (so yes, I was sleeping on the couch with the dogs all day...) & to do (hear this in Sgt. Schultz' voice from Hogan's Heroes) NUSSINK!!

So all my cheeriness has become mulch today.
Even knowing that, gratefully, I have not hurt myself, I must now just sleep & watch TV for two weeks.
I might possibly get to read if I can go back off of the meds in a few days...

Is that a curl I feel growing right in the middle of my forehead??


mrs mediocrity said...

Oh, so sorry Skye! The one lesson I have learned in the few surgeries I have had is that your body will take its own sweet time in its healing. And it is sooo frustrating. I wish there was a quick fix for that part of it for you.
I hope you do get to read, and that you are feeling better soon. You know I am sending you hugs and the fastest healing wishes.

Frank said...

Speaking of reading,... have you read harry's new book yet? The Path of Avatar