Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In praise of fermented probiotic drinks and the whole darn journey

The day after my last post my body went down for the count from the antibiotics. Today is day 36, including of course, the 9 rounds of the IV antibiotics, and though I have been incredibly generous with feeding my body mega probiotics throughout, five days ago my body just laid down.
After sleeping for 10 hours a night, on average, I was still so exhausted that I could barely function.
My whole body felt weak and woozy, my belly was upset, I was moody & I was just a misearble camper altogether.

Any panic was somewhat abated by the fact that on that same day I also saw a significant change in the cellulitis.
But, honestly, I began to feel like my choices were becoming die of the cellulitis or die of the antibiotics...
Which isn't the cheeriest of messages for friends, but that's what I was saying to people in my discouragement.

I made it through the weekend, gingerly, and saw the plastic surgeon yesterday. (more on that in a moment)
My big biologic revelation of the day was that I had 32 oz. of kombucha in the middle of the day & my belly was normal, my mood improved, and I stayed up late last night talking with a friend on the phone without morphing into a blob of inactivity!!
(Had I only done what I had planned during my month off, and started brewing my own again...But I shall contribute to the recovery of the American economy by purchasing large amounts of that miracle liquid!!

On another note, just between you and I, the cellulitis has done an interesting cosmetic dance with that left breast and the expander.
I am grateful for the honestly fascinated little kid aspect of me, that just looks at the odd shapes the scarring has created after the inflammation, & the once creamy, now purple, line of the scar with fascination.
I don't  have an emotional reaction to the visual, and in fact, in its own strange way, I find it beautiful!
The plastic surgeon is non-plussed. He says that he will be able to even all of that out when we do the surgery, and that it will look normal. (Really??? Ok. Whatever.)
Meanwhile, this is a (to me) cool part of the path, so I have a friend who is a photographer coming over later this week to take my own personal SCAR Project-like photograph.

And yes, it will go in a frame.
Happily, I might add.


mrs mediocrity said...

So glad to hear that the kombucha helped! What a long, trying road you are traversing. As always, I am amazed at your ability to stay positive, to move forward. And as always, sending hugs and love.

stella said...

I had been looking for a post...glad you found a remedy. I love your relationship with an evolving body. It is art.