Saturday, October 15, 2011

I seek a symphony of magic wands, by the way

Goodness gracious, 3-D Land is interesting!!
I've been butt-planted in this hospital bed for the greater part of  87 hours. (Yes, I did the math, all for you, my preciouses!)
I have had 9 rounds of IV antibiotics in a protocol of 4 hours on, 4 hours off, they added in oral antibiotics half way through, which after my last IV last night, was doubled to two oral antibiotics.
Needless to say, the probiotics I brought with me are getting good use & I am greatly looking forward to the quart jar of homemade raw milk yogurt in my fridge at home!

The cellulitis is "better" but still pretty prevalent...discoloration, hardening, still somewhat painful...but the medical reality is that for the moment, all that can be accomplished with a hospital stay has been done.
I am seeing radiology for the initial consult on Monday, but plainly, nothing will be persued until the tissue is normalized.
In a week I check back in with my plastic surgeon to see what he/ I/ we think of my progress, and I start back to work on Tuesday.

The weather outside is evidentally beautiful, cooling off, clear and sunny.
I am looking forward to sitting out on the back deck, watching my girls and a boy romp about wildly.
I am looking forward to working on my recovery quilt, to sleeping in my own bed, and, though the hospital food has actually not been bad, to eating my own food.

I am not going to worry about what is going to happen, what might happen, what has happened.
That is all the noise of Charlie Brown's teacher at this moment.
I am looking forward to daily life again.

Let us all set ourselves free from reaction to our circumstances & just find appreciation for the freedoms we do have access to.
*waving my magic wand over all our heads*


d smith kaich jones said...

i'm glad you're better, but still sorry all this happened. i'm thinking your attitude about it is amazing and helpful.

waving my magic wand also and sending hopes and prayers and love that you will see the next few days from your back deck.


mrs mediocrity said...

Yes, let's. And I agree with debi, you attitude is amazing.