Friday, September 16, 2011

We'll return after this message from our sponsor

When you get to the edge of the map, start drawing.

I left my keys somewhere. The ones to my happiness, warp speed and real-time stop motion.
Have you seen them?

Transformation requires time.
When time is not available and transformation is inevitable, leap the gap, that inner night with the lightening storm of the gods.

Name one thing. Anything.
Now realize you have no idea.

We meet ourselves constantly.
Every form, person, idea and memory.
They are not reflections. They are you.
Just try it.

Cellular reproduction never has to fight to have great make-up sex.

The sound of the waves in the distance and the howling of the hurricane: lullaby.
Shhh. Hear it?

I was wondering how to get your attention.
I was. Wondering. How. To get your

This day will not be your last.
But it is someone's last and someone's first.
Celebrate the arrival on both planes.

I meant every word I said.
Even when I spoke in tongues.


d smith kaich jones said...

crayons in hand and i am drawing.

i like it when you speak in tongues.


mrs mediocrity said...

yes. this is life.

i love it, too.

Anonymous said...

you make my heart sing.